What it's all about?

AnonyCon is an annual game convention that brings people together to have fun, build community, and showcase new games. We bring story-focused games to a wider audience through an inclusive, weekend-long gathering. We welcome games of all types and each year we try to feature games with opportunities for creative storytelling and problem solving.

AnonyCon is also about friendship! Bring your friends to AnonyCon to receive prizes! And you're sure to make new friends while you are here!

Registration is open! You can sign up for the convention on Warhorn. To register for games follow the instructions below. Make sure you set up an account on Warhorn and send in your payment so we can confirm your attendance. If you want to submit a game to run, you can do that here.

To help make this a fun weekend, we encourage you to stay at the Sheraton in Stamford so you won't need to travel. We have a block of rooms available at a special rate.

AnonyCon is dedicated to a harassment-free convention experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found Our anti-harassment policy can be found here.


How Much?

$40 for the full weekend


January 8, 2021


It's online! Attend from anywhere.

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Register to Play

Want to play?

A full weekend pass costs $40. We have a limited number of one-day passes available as well (please contact us directly if you desire a one-day pass).

Convention registration is now open! If you wish to reserve spots in games before arriving at the convention, you must register on Warhorn. If you do not yet have a Warhorn account, you can click the “Register to Play” button on the left of the page to set one up, and then proceed to register for the event.

You can pay for your badge via Paypal on our Warhorn site, by mail, or at the convention once you arrive. If you pay online, be sure to include your Warhorn username in your order instructions. Any account not paid by November 1st will be shifted to on-site pricing ($60).

Many attendees decide to sign up for games on-site and not preregister on Warhorn. In order to do our best to satisfy demand and provide quality games, we use Warhorn to allocate GMs and players. Most games have limited seating available and we will seat players with advanced registrations first. To make certain that you have access to all the games you want, please register and reserve your seat.

Waitlisting is available and in the event that there are any last minute cancellations we will fill games from the waitlist first, then from players who show up to the muster. Have no fear that our skilled people-herders will fill tables appropriately at the convention and get everybody into a fun game.

Remember to refer your friends to AnonyCon to receive prizes!


Want to run a game?

Share your game proposals with us here. GMs who have their games committed in advance onto our schedule get discounts or free admission. We also have prizes and random prize drawings for our GMs and Volunteers. Submissions received before August 20th will be given scheduling priority, and will get first crack at player registrations.

How it works

You enter your game submission in this form. On August 20th, we will build the AnonyCon schedule, giving all submissions before that date equal scheduling preference. This game schedule will then be released to players on September 1st, when they will begin signing up.

Our GM organizer, Ben Bartell, will contact you about your GM schedule between August 20th and September 1st. When he does, please confirm your GM schedule and Warhorn username with him in order to get your registration discount applied. If you don’t have a Warhorn username, and plan to use our online registration process, please make a free Warhorn account here.

We understand that GM’ing is hard work, and appreciate the effort you put in! Because of this, GM’ing counts as volunteering at the convention, and each slot volunteered gives you a raffle entry for our swag, plus:

  • One slot = $10 discount for the weekend
  • Two slots = $20 discount for the weekend
  • Three or more = free admission for the weekend and prize tickets for each game above 3!

Sign up to GM or volunteer for some slots and then sign up to play in the slots you have open.

Running something new

AnonyCon fosters new stories, systems, and games of any type. We encourage you to share your new or developing games with us, and assure you that you will get plenty of supportive, enthusiastic, and constructive feedback from our players!

AnonyCon has happily hosted the unveiling of countless new stories, as well as several new systems. One of which went on to be Kickstarted. The convention is also a great play-testing opportunity for many other types of games, such as board and card games.


Want to bring a friend?

AnonyCon is offering special AnonyCon dice bags in Loot-Tier colors and custom AnonyCon dice for people who help recruit for the event. For each new person you refer who attends, you unlock a new tier of color choices for your complimentary dice bag, and an extra 2d6! Collect your prize upon registration and use it during the event to show off how you helped AnonyCon to grow!

  • One referred guest: white AnonyCon dice bag
  • Two referred guests: green blue AnonyCon dice bag
  • Three referred guests: blue AnonyCon dice bag
  • Four referred guests: purple AnonyCon dice bag

If you have a preferred color but bring too many friends, you can always choose to get a dice bag from a lower tier than the one you earned. And if you don’t need all the dice, you can give them to your friends!


Become A Vendor

Want to sell stuff?

AnonyCon is pleased to help vendors connect with our player base. If you would like to sell your wares at AnonyCon, please register for the event as a Vendor, and fill out and return our dealer packet.

Vendor pricing is $70/day or $125 for the entire weekend. This includes rental of a 12’ x 14’ space with two 6’ tables, and 2 passes to attend the event (and play in games). This fee may be paid partially or entirely of product in lieu of cash, upon negotiation with the Vending Coordinator.