Cost: $40 for a full weekend membership (single day also available), payable to AnonyCon. Rates increase after November 1st.

All attendees need to register on Warhorn to be able to get a badge and sign up for events. We have a limited number of one-day memberships available as well.

Click the “Join Now” button on the left of the page to register if you do not already have a warhorn account.

When your account is set up then proceed as follows:


  1. Pay for your badge
    1. via Paypal on our Warhorn site. Include your Warhorn username in your order instructions or you cannot be cleared for signup.
    2. Send payment with registration form, made out to AnonyCon (check or money order recommended) to Max Saltonstall, 42 West 13th, Apt 1 GH, New York, NY 10011.
  2. Include your Warhorn username with paper registrations or your payment may not be linked to your account.
  3. Any account not paid when early registration pricing ends will be shifted to on-site pricing. You will receive an email confirming your ability to sign up for games.
  4. Sign up for the games you’d like to play.


  1. Confirm your GM schedule with your organizers. Tell them your Warhorn username.
  2. Each slot volunteered gives you a raffle entry for our swag, plus:
    • one slot = $10 discount
    • two slots = $20 discount
    • three or more = free admission for the weekend!
  3. Sign up to GM or volunteer the agreed upon slots, and then sign up for events in the slots you have open as you like.

For public play campaigns like D&D Adventurer’s League, Pathfinder Society and others, pre-mustering your tables (organizing into groups before the game starts) is helpful but not mandatory. We do find that it speeds things up though.

Many attendees decide to sign up for games on-site and not preregister on Warhorn. In order to do our best to satisfy demand and provide quality games we use Warhorn to allocate GMs. Most games have limited seating available and we will seat players with advanced registrations first. To make certain that you have access to all the games you want, please register and reserve your seat.

Waitlisting is available, please feel free to make use of it, in the event that there are any last minute cancellations reservations will be honored on a first come, first served basis. Have no fear that our skilled people-herders will fill tables appropriately at the convention and get everybody into a game.
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