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What is all this?

AnonyCon is an annual game convention that brings people together to have fun, help charity and showcase new games. Our schedule welcomes games of all types, and we try to feature games each year with opportunities for creative storytelling and problem solving. The links above show a few of the different categories of our events, so please explore.

To get more out of this site sign up on the right for your own account on this site, to allow you to vote in polls and use the forums.

To learn about what games will happen see the full list, including the recent additions, and see if anything catches your fancy. Here is our slot schedule.

To sign up for games in advance (preregistration) head over to our registration pagefor instructions and a link to the full game schedule. Make sure you set up an account on Warhorn and send in your payment so we can confirm your attendance.

Feel free to attend the convention without any advance scheduling. You can enjoy pick-up games, a wide assortment of RPGs, video games, card games and board games, and shop in the vendor area.

After you sign up for some games you can find out more about the hotel and our special room rate.

For those of you returning, share your quotes and anecdotes from the 2012 gameshere!

If you have questions please feel free to or post in the forums. You can find out more about AnonyCon and the people behind it here.

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